Does Ghee Have Casein Protein In It?


Ghee or sometimes referred to as Clarified butter has many uses. But providing protein is not really one of them.

What Is Ghee?

Ghee is essentially butter with the Whey and Casein taken out of it.

So if you can imagine for a minute butter comprising of three elements, Casein, Whey and butter fat. The trick is to separate the three components until you have butter fat or(Ghee).

This is quite an easy process to accomplish at home for even if you’re a novice cook.

But before I get into the process of how you can create your own Ghee at home, I know you might be asking, why would you want to do it. I mean who want to eat a lump of fat.

And mostly its for those folks who love to eat butter but have an intolerance to Whey or Casein. Believe it or not, their are a growing number of people who have these intolerance’s or who might be allergic to Casein or Whey.

If you have an intolerance to Casein then it could lead to some extremely dangerous side effects including vomiting, difficulty breathing, stomach cramps, hives and wheezing.

Therefore Ghee or Clarified butter provide a buttery spread without the unwanted side effects

Now back to how Ghee can be made at home.

How To Make Ghee

All you do is put butter into a mildly hot sauce pan or pot, and without stirring it, wait until foamy bubbles start to form on top of the surface.

The foamy bubbles are the Whey protein rising from the butter. All you do is leave it to continue bubbling up and then scoop the Whey off the top of the butter.

There should be two layers left.

The Casein will sink to the bottom of the pan as it separates from the butter fat.

From there it’s a case of removing the fat from the Casein and the fat is Ghee.

So as I have explained above Ghee does not have Casein protein in it.

Try Micellar Casein here.

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