Does Yogurt Have Casein Protein In It?

The Connection between Dairy Protein, Casein and Your Health

There are so many facts you need to know about the dairy proteins. For the person who has tolerance to casein it is an effective source for building muscles and good for your body.

On the other hand, if the person has intolerance to the casein protein it’s better to avoid it rather than facing problems.

Milk Proteins: Whey and Casein

There are two types of products present in the milk and they are casein and whey. We can say it as 80% is casein and 20% is whey.

Cheese is mostly made up of casein in which the whey is filtered in the process of making cheese from the milk.

Not only cheese but all of the dairy products contains casein in them. The casein and whey varies in the method of digestion and how they react in the body.

Whey protein is absorbing quickly from the body and hence it goes to bloodstream fastly which creates insulin quickly.

The casein Protein consists of benefits which will help the human body in some conditions.

Casein is a protein that is present in the dairy foods like milk, yogurt, chocolate ice-cream and some processed foods.

Casein’s slow release protein makes it a better choice for a pre-bed snack because it will keep your stomach from rumbling through the night.

If a person goes to gym then his calories will burn and he will get to hunger mostly, so it’s better to take casein protein diet to avoid hungriness.

In 2009 researches concluded that the casein protein is a good one for weight loss as well as for improving body composition.

It is also beneficial to the muscle growth and there are some more benefits along with the above ones.

Casein is your body’s worst Nightmare if you have intolerance to it.

The Common symptoms due to the intolerance of casein are excess mucus production, respiratory problems, constipation, gas, bloating etc.

It also causes issues to skin like rashes, acnes, redness, irritation etc. So as per Dr. Frank Lipman vegan protein is the best when compared to the dairy protein for the casein intolerance persons.

As per the studies from Allergy proved that the persons who has intolerance to casein protein will definitely have some negative effects of it.

Does yogurt have Casein Protein?

Yogurt is a combination of bacteria, fat and proteins (Casein and Whey).

But still some people are worried about the casein content of yogurt. The Cows milk contain the protein casein and from the cow’s milk the casein protein is called A1.

Goats and sheep’s also give milk this contains the A2 Casein which has been shown that not to cause the problems that A1 cause.

Now we can check whether Ghee have the Casein Protein in it.

Ghee or clarified butter is free of casein and safe to consume even if you are sensitive to casein.

In the clarification process the casein protein will be removed from the Ghee.

Always read food labels if you have intolerance to casein then consume the foods that support your body.


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