Does Casein Protein Cause An Insulin Spike?


You will find that ingestion any type of protein will have an increasing effect on your insulin levels.

Which means that no matter what type of protein you ingest, whether it be chicken, meat, fish, beans, or protein powder you will experience an increase in insulin production. You can buy casein protein here.

How Much Of An Increase

However, the real issue is how much of an increase. Understanding this, can help you to make a more informed decision as to when you should take Casein protein or any other type of protein for that matter.

Whilst, some people think that an increase in insulin production is a bad thing, others will tell you that it can help you to preserve muscle and provide you with the right environment to build muscle, given insulin creates an anabolic environment in the body.

Which, if you’re a bodybuilder you can calculate when might be a good time to take different kinds of protein.

Heavy Training Session

For example, if you are doing a heavily weight training session in the gym, then Casein protein might not be the best choice of protein powder to take directly after a workout, given it’s slow release of protein after a workout.

A much better choice would be to ingest Whey protein with some carbs as doing so will allow the protein and the carbs to be ingested quickly into the bloodstream, provide the body with what it needs to start the muscle repair process.

Before You Go To Bed


Having said that, there is a place for Casein protein and the best use of it is usually before bed, given Casein helps to make you feel fuller, longer, and it’s slow release of vital nutrients will keep feeding your body throughout the night.

So while Casein does spike your insulin level, the level is insignificant compared to other forms of protein powders.

Does Greek Yogurt Have Casein Protein In It?

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of natural casein protein. That’s why you will see a lot of Bodybuilders turn to Greek Yogurt as a quick snack food. But you can find the best Casein here.

It’s easy to transport around and can be consumed straight after a workout before heading home for your one of your meals, most choose to have it before their main meal.

The good thing about Greek yogurt is that whilst it may taste like ordinary yogurt, in that you can have a lot of different flavors to choose from, the carbs per serve is a lot lower than regular yogurt.

This means that you can add whatever carbs you want to add to your yogurt without taking in too much barbs.

Depending on your nutritional goals this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Typically, Greek yogurt is made by straining the whey from yogurt.

The resulting yogurt is a lot more solid with a lot less sugar, which in turns means that it has less carbohydrate overall. It also means that there is a lot more protein per gram compared to ordinary yogurt.

This means that it is a good source of natural protein for bodybuilders minus the carbs.


Does Casein Protein Keep You Full?


There has been much debate about Casein protein powder and whether it can help to keep you feeling full after you have taken it. Most people who take protein supplements usually turn to whey isolate protein as a good source of protein.

This is a good strategy and has been working well for many athletes over the years and will continue to do so, however with the right strategy, supplementing your protein in take with casein protein at night might be a better option, not only for satiety, but for a slower, long release of amino acids throughout the night.

Because Casein will feed you body throughout the night given it’s slow release of nutrients. And it’s because of this slow release that it will keep you feeling full much long. And if you’re feeling full then you’re less likely to over eat or crave for more food. More food equates to more calories.

So this means that if Casein protein, because it may curb your appetite could lead to weight loss due to you consuming less calories.

There’s one thing that I really hate, especially when I am reducing my caloric intake and that is going to bed feeling on an empty stomach.

Apart from wanted to raid the fridge, it can feel as if every fiber of my body is screaming for food.

And that’s where Casein protein comes into the picture.

Take Casein Protein Before Bed

If you take Casein before bed, then from what I understand it can reduce the stomach’s ph (or stomach acid) and therefore slowing down the digestion process.

Once it hits the stomach it gels and thereby slows the digestion process down.

If it slows down the digestion process then potentially it will remain in your stomach longer, which in turn could potentially help you to feel fuller longer.