Best Wrist Wraps For Lifting Weights in 2017


Sometimes referred to as wrist straps, strength wraps, or even Crossfit wraps, wrist wraps (is what I like to call them) can really add to your gains in the gym.

If you lift weights and have ever experienced plateau’s in your workouts dues to a sore wrist or fatigued fore arms then you might be missing out on adding good wrist wraps to your workout routines.

Our recommendations are based on customers who have actually purchased the wrist wraps and based on their experience with the wrist wraps in the gym.

A pair of good robust wrist wraps could be one of the best low cost items you could add to your weight lifting regime that could provide you with the confidence to not only lift more, but to make more gains in the gym.

The 5 Best Wrist Wraps For Lifting Weights

#1 – Wrist Wraps (2 Pairs/4 Wraps) 14″ for Weightlifting


These Nordic Lifting wrist wraps will allow you to lift heavier weight during your workouts and can also eliminate serious injury during heavy workout

sessions. These particular wrist wraps fit all sizes and are unisex, which means that they can be worn by both men and women – one size fits all.

These particular wrist wraps comes as a package deal where you get two for the price of one. anyone who has a pair of wrist wraps knows that after a few sessions in the gym they can get a little smelly. And with two pairs, it means that you can wash one pair and use the other pair. Then it’s just a case of cycling them around in the wash.

What I like about these wrist wraps is that they come with a 1 year hassle free replacement guarantee.

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#2 – Ipow Adjustable Weight Lifting Training Wrist Straps Support Braces Wraps Belt

ipow_adjustable_weight_liftingThese wrist wraps by Ipow are primarily designed for pushing or pressing exercises, so anything like push ups, shoulder presses, bench press, well I think you get the picture. They are designed to support your wrist in these type of movements, allowing you to push heavier weights and do it is a very safe manner.

The thumb sloop for extra security and safety works extremely well and the velcro fastening system means that it will fit most wrist.

One thing that I really like about these wrist wraps is the design. Whilst it might look fairly plain, it quite stylish in it’s two toned color. I come from the school of “less is more” so the less design the better in my opinion.

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#3 – New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves with Built-In Wrist Wraps, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip

fit_active_sports_ventilated_wrist_wrapsThese wrist wraps by Fit Active Sports is a blend between wrist wraps and weight lifting gloves. You effectively get the best of both worlds with these gloves. You can wear them for an entire session. While some wrist wraps only support pressing movements or pulling movements, these gloves do both.

With Silicon Printed Neoprene material these gloves allow you to lift without getting calluses, because they cover your entire palm. But more than that, they’re water resistant, which means that the bar will be less likely to slip when you’re lifting heavy weight. Great for snatches, clean and jerks, front squats and any other exercise that require a good grip.

These gloves while great for lifting weights come into its own in Crossfit, because it will not only support your wrist, but you don’t have to take them off and swap them out for different wrist wraps. Nope, everything you need in a wrist wrap is in all in these gloves.

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#4 – Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps

iron_bull_strength_wrist_wrapsIf you’ve ever experienced your wrists giving out on certain weights, then the weak point is your wrist. Whilst, your target muscle group might be able to handle the added weight your wrists cannot. That where these little puppies come into play. They’re fairly cheap to buy and can help you to build up those muscle groups even if your wrist don’t want to do the work.

These wrist wraps will help to support your wrist allowing them to be able to take the extra load. These wrist wraps come with a 1 year hassle free replacement guarantee.

You’ll notice an instant difference when wearing these in the gym for the first time. And it comes with an additional bonus – you’ll also receive a pair of high performance lifting straps, which are great for any type of pulling exercises in the gym. Most wrist wraps tend to only support pressing or pushing movements, so with these added bonuses you get the best of both worlds at a phenomenal price.

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#5 – Crossfit Wrist Wraps 14″ or 20″ (Pair) Terrycloth


These are some of the cheapest pair of wrist wraps I have seen online. Cheap doesn’t mean that they aren’t quality, in fact these wrist wraps unlike some of the others mentioned in this article comes with a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Whilst most of the other brands ( which are reputable brands) offer a 1 year warranty, 3-2-1 Strong offers a lifetime guarantee. That’s nothing short of putting your money where your mouth is.

Made from durable material these wrist wraps will not only support your wrists in the gym, but they do it at a substantially low price. Definitely worth check out.

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What Do Wrist Wraps Do

The primary reason why you would use wrist wraps is to help support one of your lifts. One of the weakest parts of any lifting is in the joint area. So by simply wearing a wrist wrap, you’ll find that you can lift heavier and therefore get a better overall workout.

Benefits of Use Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

1) It allows you to lift more weight, because it stop the weak point if your forearms are too weak.
2) It can allow you to hit your target muscles before your wrist is give out.
3) Mental confidence

How To Use Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

The best way to use a wrist strap is just after you have done your warm-up sets and reps and just before you start your heavier lifts.

Getting the right wrist support will allow you to accomplish heavier lifts and give you the confidence to attempt more weight. A lot of body builders have weak wrists and in a lot of cases the wrists and forearms give out before your target muscle even gets a chance to be worked out enough.

Pushing Verses Pulling Movements

Any form of weight lifting can be broken down into two categories, of either pushing movements or pulling movements. wrist wraps can aid in both types of movements.

For example, your typical bench press is a good example of a pushing movement. Basically, any exercise where you are pushing weights away from your body is a pushing movement, so shoulders, triceps, and chest are all pushing movements.

Whereas a pulling movement is usually associated with type of exercise that pulls weight towards you, as in dead-lifts (for the lower back), seated rows (for the upper back), lat pull downs for the lateral muscles and of course bicep curls (for your biceps).

If you have ever felt sore wrists, either an aching in your wrist, or forearm fatigue from performing any of these movements then a wrist strap could really help to alleviate these conditions.

When Should You Use Wrist Wraps

There’s really no set rules as to when you should use wrist wraps, and I guess that is really up to how you like to train and where you could make some good gains as a result of using wrist wraps.

However, there are some weight training movements that you wouldn’t typically associate as being a wrist strap kind of moment, where you would think about using a wrist strap.

Squats for example is usually associated with the leg muscle groups, so most of your focus goes on getting the leg movement right, and if they was a need for support, one would probably consider knee supports than a wrist strap. But wrist wraps can play a big part in having good control and good balance to steady the weight.

Another area where wrist wraps are useful that most don’t notice is when you are performing bicep curls and tricep exercises. If you have ever perform these with heavy free weights then you’ll know what I’m talking about. You find (especially with bicep curls) that you’ll be able to lift heavier and not use so much of your shoulders when curling.

As mentioned earlier wrist wraps helps to bridge the gap between a weak wrist and a strong wrist allowing you to max out your target muscle group without having to worry about whether or not your wrists are going to give out first.

How To Wear Wrist Wraps

Wearing wrist wraps are pretty straight forward, where typical you need to just wrap the strap around the wrist several times to help stiffen the wrist. However, you can run into problems if you don’t execute the wrapping well.

Ultimately what you’re trying to do is to not only wrap your wrist, but also bring the strap halfway up the hand, but not too far that it becomes a problem.

Your wrist should be supported like a knee brace in that it will allow adequate movement, but not some much as to not even warrant the strap.

[here’s a video of how to put on a wrist strap correctly.]

Different Kinds of Weight Lifting Wraps.

Deadlifting wraps

The wrist wraps used in dead-lifts don’t necessarily give you wrist support, but are more to offer relief for your forearms, allowing you to to concentrate more on the target muscle group as opposed to holding gripping the weight.

If you have ever found it difficult to lift a heavy weight and most of the strain is coming from your hands and wrist then dead-lifting wraps would be ideal for that situation. They can also come with a hook. wrist wraps with hooks will take most of the pressure off of your grip allowing you to complete a dead lift without holding the bar.

Wrist Wraps for Crossfit

Is there really a difference between bodybuilding wrist wraps and Crossfit wrist wraps? The answer is no. The reality is, you can use wrist wraps for any type of exercise that requires a support in the wrist joint.

Having said that, there are some wraps that would be fine for weight training and not so good for Crossfit. In Crossfit you tend to jump from one exercise to the next, and you will have the wraps on for an extended period of time.

Some wrist wraps offer more support than others and as such tend to restrict some blood flow, which isn’t a problem if you sets last for 30 seconds or less, but if they drag on like they do in Crossfit, then you’ll need to choose a more appropriate design.


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