Does Casein Protein Keep You Full?


There has been much debate about Casein protein powder and whether it can help to keep you feeling full after you have taken it. Most people who take protein supplements usually turn to whey isolate protein as a good source of protein.

This is a good strategy and has been working well for many athletes over the years and will continue to do so, however with the right strategy, supplementing your protein in take with casein protein at night might be a better option, not only for satiety, but for a slower, long release of amino acids throughout the night.

Because Casein will feed you body throughout the night given it’s slow release of nutrients. And it’s because of this slow release that it will keep you feeling full much long. And if you’re feeling full then you’re less likely to over eat or crave for more food. More food equates to more calories.

So this means that if Casein protein, because it may curb your appetite could lead to weight loss due to you consuming less calories.

There’s one thing that I really hate, especially when I am reducing my caloric intake and that is going to bed feeling on an empty stomach.

Apart from wanted to raid the fridge, it can feel as if every fiber of my body is screaming for food.

And that’s where Casein protein comes into the picture.

Take Casein Protein Before Bed

If you take Casein before bed, then from what I understand it can reduce the stomach’s ph (or stomach acid) and therefore slowing down the digestion process.

Once it hits the stomach it gels and thereby slows the digestion process down.

If it slows down the digestion process then potentially it will remain in your stomach longer, which in turn could potentially help you to feel fuller longer.